Xiamen NetoRAP logistics Co., Ltd. is founded by a professional team with over 15 years experience in international relocation and logistics industry. Being a leading company in relocation industry, NetoRAP specialize in international moving of Personal Effects and Household Goods, Live Pets, Antique, Fine Arts, as well as Settling-In Service for foreign expats. With the support of FIDI(Federation of International Removalists) organization, the largest global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies in 100 countries, our Door to Door relocation service package can solving all of customers concerns by providing full range service from Pre-move onsite survey, Professional packing/unpacking, Customs and quarantine handling both in original and destination countries, Transportation(Sea/Air/Land), Warehouse storage and Transit insurance. 


Our tailor-made relocation service will be based on the clients personal schedule and request of each individual to make sure the whole relocation plan is convenient for you and your family. The customized moving schedule not only save money in unnecessary area like port demurrange or documentation, but the most important, to avoid the inconvenience and suffering of your families, specially your kids or couple.

Live pet international moving is another core business of NetoRAP which providing the high level service covering from vaccination, blood test, microchip implantation to import & export certificate, carrier arrangement and facilities preparation. Our global pets moving service covering North America, South America, Europe, Australia, South east Asia and Middle east Asia area.

As an experienced experts in global mobility industry, NetoRAP also provides settling in service such as, Visa application/extension, Airport pickup, Home search, School search, Driving license application/transferring, Orientation visiting, Properties management, multi-culture training, language training, etc.,



The service NetoRAP providing

l  Personal effects & Household goods moving (international / domestic / local)

l  Live pets moving  (international / domestic)

l  Antique exportation

l  Fine arts importation/exportation and professional packing

l  Settle in service

    (Visa Application & Extension, Working & Resident permit application, House search, School 

     search, Driving license, etc.,)

l Cargo Logistics




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